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Creating Opportunity for Players

Welcome to DG Sports

We act as an active agent in giving impetus to the careers of professional and amateur footballers (both Indians and foreign nationals) by creating opportunity in different football clubs.

Footballers should play football, dream football, sleep football!!!

Their focus should be to showcase the best of the skills on the turf, to remain in the top of their fitness, to hold their motivation sky high. The rest of the mundane scores of life? Give that responsibility to us.

We, DG Sports, will provide platform for an amateur footballer in professional world, will carve out best of the economic deals for a professional footballer, will provide legal and tax-related support as and when needed, will promote a football player in social media and otherwise, will help a budding talent to find right place for training within the country and beyond, will aid a recuperating player to access right rehabilitation and medical care. We will take special care for players with an economically challenged situation.

Are you a club administrator dedicated for the betterment of the club? Are you finding it difficult to get the best possible combination for your team within your budget? Contact us. We, DG Sports, will prove you the option to choose the player of indian origin ot from abroad to meet your specific need. We will care to build a successful relationship with you and will act as a pipeline to cater your footballing need.

We strive to build a successful and trustworthy relationship with you which will enable us to cater your footballing need in a pipeline.

The Team for Your Beginning

We are here to build a football environment in India, keeping in touch with various stakeholders, where dazzling display of football in an atmosphere full of enthusiasm will win millions of hearts, and Indian football scenario will thrive to the next level!!


Arijit Ghosal

Founder & CEO

Sports and corporate lawyer during the day. Football fanatic all the day. That's Arijit, our CEO. Takes care about anything and everything for DG Sports.

Sreerup Banerjee

Sreerup Banerjee


Academician. Sports enthusiast. Interested about innovative technological applications in sports.


Riju Koley

Founder, Players Representative

Everyone is "bro" to this jovial guy. This ever charming and friendly guy is committed towards well being of our sportsmen.

Sourav Dutta

Sourav Dutta


Passionate about sports. Friends with our sportsmen. Talk to him once, you will trust you like anything.


Antara Ghosal

women executive

Teacher by profession. Takes care about social media experience for DG sports.

Ayushman Ghosh

Ayushman Ghosh

chief strategy officer (CSO)

Strategy formulation and management, including development.

Ghalib Rizwan

Ghalib Rizwan

Legal Advisor

Practices law and ensures the legal formalities for the players and DG Sports.

Siddhartha Roy

Siddhartha Roy

Legal Advisor

Has vast knowledge on topics ranging from legal advisory to English premier league. Btw, he is great writer too. He writes on football and probably you will be able to see few in our blog in future.

Debjit Basak

Debjit Basak

Data Head

Rare guy who has passion for both football and data. He knows the number of passes or number of assists our sportsmen are making. One secret, he knows the same thing of other sportsmen as well.


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